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Future Transport: Mad Science or Inspired Adventuring?

Six pioneering prototypes set to change the way we fuel logistics.



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Whether it’s sailing around the world or finding a faster flight path across the Himalayas, challenging accepted wisdom is the hallmark of the true adventurer.


Soon, it will be the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first ‘giant leap’ onto the moon’s surface. At the time, the lunar landing was the culmination of over a decade of development and innovation. It was that perfect moment when pioneering and technology came together to give us an enticing glimpse of the future. The day’s when we would be travelling to work with a jetpack strapped to our back and a pair of hover boots for weekends were just around the corner. Sadly, they failed to materialize.

However, the last five decades have given us a plethora of transport ideas that have come to fruition. From bullet trains to Segways to the International Space Station, every generation has seen a new step forward driven by the consumer demand for efficiency and sustainability.

As we head deeper into the 21st Century, it is logistics that is powering our transport thinking. The imperative for cheaper, cleaner and smarter solutions to our global cargo needs is delivering a number of concepts. Here we look at six that could be set to reframe the conversation on Future Transport…

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