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Susie Goodall is about to embark on the biggest challenge of her life: The 2018 Golden Globe Race.

Susie Goodall's 2018 Golden Globe Race

From July 1st 2018, she's taking on the might of the earth's oceans. Susie will be at sea for around 300 days, sailing 30,000 miles without seeing another human for months on end. That is, if everything goes according to her meticulous plans.

DHL is delighted to support Susie in this historic revival of the epic 1968 Golden Globe Race, won in dramatic fashion by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Every single one of us at DHL will be with her in spirit as she sails her Rustler 36, equipped only with gear available to the 1968 contestants.

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As Sir Robin Knox-Johnston reveals, the Golden Globe race is a sailing challenge without equal. Take a look at our interview with Susie, as she talks through her preparations for this life-defining event. With the tracking technology on this page, you can follow Susie all the way, monitoring her entire epic journey as she makes her way around the globe.