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How to export to Japan

E-commerce · 10 min read

How to export to Japan

Japan’s wealthy online audience and huge economy make it an outstanding import opportunity for any business looking for new markets. Our downloadable guide steers you in the right direction.

Overshadowed in the last 20 years by California’s Silicon Valley giants, it’s easy to forget that Japan continues to be a technological and industrial superpower.

Just think for a moment of the sheer number of household names that originate from Japan: Sony, Toyota, Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Nissan, Honda – the list could go on and on. So it’s no surprise to learn that only the US and China have larger economies than Japan. Japan’s economy is growing slowly but steadily, with 2016 and 2017 proving to be its best run for a decade. 1

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How to export to Japan

Economy up, population down

Japan is an advanced, prosperous nation, home to 126 million. But a combination of high life expectancy (the highest in the world at nearly 84 years of age), a low mortality rate, and low birth rate means Japan’s total population is in long-term decline. 2

But all is not lost. The Japanese government has a plan to keep population numbers to above 100 million by the year 2050.

Natural resources

Despite a falling population, Japan still has the highest population density in the world, with 35 million people living in the Tokyo urban area alone (making it the world’s largest city, too).

Part of the problem is geography: Japan is very successful economically, but it’s a small collection of islands3This means oil and petroleum products are one of its biggest imports.

The opportunities for your business

Every e-commerce company and exporter is looking for new trading opportunities. Should Japan be on your list? Absolutely. Japan is a mature, highly connected economy, with strong e-commerce growth and smooth import procedures. 4

Download the DHL Country Guide to Japan

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Exporting to Japan

Want to find new business in Japan? Download our FREE Country Guide now.

Exporting to Japan
Exporting to Japan

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