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Exporting to Italy

E-commerce · 10 min read

Are there signs of a new Italian renaissance?

Food. Art. Architecture. Fashion. Literature. Few countries can claim to have contributed so much to the world. From the civilization builders of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire to the artistic and scientific advancements of the Renaissance, Italy has shaped the intellectual trajectory of the modern world.

Still got the style

As a result of its rich history, modern Italy is a tourist hotspot. More than 52 million people visit each year, making Italy the fifth most popular global tourist destination. 

The ancient monuments of Rome, including the mighty Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, and Pantheon, help Rome attract 8 million tourists every year. Six million visitors head for Milan each year – the fashion capital of the world, known for its upmarket shopping centers and luxury lifestyle. Milan is also Italy’s main financial city, home to the Italian stock exchange.

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Economic recovery wasn’t built in a day

Italy is a great place to visit, but is it a great place to ship your products and services? The Italian economy was sluggish to recover from the economic crash of 2008, but it’s starting to move in the right direction – albeit slowly. 

This PDF guide is your introduction to exporting to Italy. You’ll discover which product categories are doing well and find out more about Italian import duties and regulations.   

Download the DHL Express Country Guide to Italy and discover:

- Why Italy is a strong e-commerce market – and which products are in demand

- Why Italy is showing signs of steady growth

- What you need to know before you start exporting to Italy

Country Guide: Italy

Be part of an Italian renaissance. Read the DHL Express guide to trading with Italy, Europe’s fourth largest economy.

Country Guide: Italy
Country Guide: Italy

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