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Making sense of the jargon of e-commerce

E-commerce · 5 min read

E-commerce Jargon Buster

Struggling to tell the difference between your Ad Valorem and your Phytosanitary Certificate? You’re not alone. Commerce and industry uses its own specialized language. Otherwise known as jargon.

Thankfully, help is at hand. To help you better understand some commonly used phrases and words, we’ve created a handy jargon buster at the bottom of this page. This is our easy-to-use plain English guide for some commonly used logistics and commercial terminology. 

"Do you speak Logistics?"

These phrases and terminology are in our language, often thanks to tradition. How else would we still be using Latin? For instance, Ad Valorem relates to how taxes on goods are calculated. It literally means ‘according to value’. And it goes back centuries. As these words and phrases are used, they enter common parlance for employees. They are often time-saving shorthand and they’re easy to understand if you’re in the know. Really annoying if you’re not.

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