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You Named Our Planes

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You Named Our Planes

Announcing the winners of DHL’s Name Our Planes competition.



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We’ve had thousands of entries to our 'Name Our Planes' competition and they certainly lived up to the anarchic spirit of The Grand Tour presenters: some were clever, some were ingenious, some were whimsical and some were downright unprintable.

But after much careful sorting, sifting and scratching of heads we’ve arrived at our three winners.

So here they are, the winners of the DHL Name Our Planes competition…


There can only be one 1st prize winner and that honour goes to Peter Hornberger, an American word wizard, for his rather wonderful title for James May’s plane…Hair Force One. Peter told us the name was “simply recognition of James May and his voluminous quantities of hair blowing about with reckless abandon."   May is a firm favourite in the Hornberger household and Peter in particular relates to his “practical, analytical, mature and friendly” personality (we know two people called Clarkson and Hammond that might object to those adjectives but we’ll let that go).

We congratulate Peter on winning with flying colours and we take this opportunity to apologise to Peter for the dubious effect The Grand Tour has had on his offspring: “my young son is particularly fond of James and I am often reminded of the influence he has on our family when I commonly hear him saying things like ‘Why won’t this b***dy thing work?’ in a British accent when he runs into a spot of trouble when building his Lego."  Peter wins a T-shirt signed by The Grand Tour team for his creative efforts and we sincerely hope that one day he looks up to see his name and James May’s mane flying freely across an American sky.


There is a bit of a height difference between Jeremy Clarkson’s towering 6 foot 4 inches and Richard Hammond’s rather more modest 5 foot 5 inches. And we presume that was the inspiration for the rather cute name for Richard Hammond’s plane…Small Goods. Yes, yes, surely it must have been the height thing.  Congratulations to James Gould for naming the tiny but ever-so-cuddly new addition to the DHL plane fleet.


Coming in 3rd is never Clarkson’s idea of fun, so we can only imagine how the expletives flew and the temper tantrums exploded when he found that his plane name came in…3rd. However, its Clarkson’s (affectionate?) animal kingdom-inspired moniker that provided the wonderfully fitting name for our third plane…The Flying Orangutan. We’d like to heartily congratulate Dave Anderson for taking Clarkson down a peg or two and giving us all something that we can have a chuckle about as we turn our eyes skywards.

We’d like to thank all our winners and entrants for being such great sports and for giving us hours of fun at The Grand Tour presenters’ expense. To see what Clarkson, May and Hammond get up to when they’re flying along the world’s roads rather than flying at 30,000 feet, tune into The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.



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2018 © DHL. All rights reserved.

2018 © DHL. All rights reserved.