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This week's top 5 business insights and e-commerce trends: 29 November 2019


AOB: 29 November 2019

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Christmas in July and a Christmas humbug – there's a festive feel to this Friday's update. Enjoy!

Pinterest Shop launches in time for Small Business Saturday

To encourage people to shop from smaller stores – and in the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Pinterest have announced their newest addition, Pinterest Shop1.

Featuring hundreds of product pins, the store will let users shop directly from 17 specially-selected businesses, and aims to promote Small Business Saturday on November 30th. Selling on social is constantly innovating, so it's important to stay on top of the latest developments. And as for the benefits of appearing small? Well, you can check those out in our handy guide.

Thanks to Amazon, Christmas shopping starts in July.

A study by NPD Group2 has revealed that around a third of people did some form of holiday shopping during Amazon’s 48-hour Prime Day event this year. According to the researchers, Prime Day has “...become a real part of the changing holiday dynamic. Its impact on holiday shopping should not be dismissed.”

It seems it can never be too early to prepare your business for Christmas – and, with that in mind, you might want to bookmark our tips on how to get ready for next year (or read them in a hurry now).

51% of people will do Christmas shopping on their smartphones

Sticking with Christmas – 'tis the season, after all – research from B2B payments platform BillTrust3 has shown that over half of those surveyed will be shopping from their cell phones this year, and that 57% of millennials intend to complete theirs on the smaller screen.

Mobile commerce is making waves around the world, and it appears that in this instance, Christmas isn't special in that regard. The survey also revealed that 74% of people will be shopping online, so getting your site set up to sell is the most crucial thing you can do between now and the big day – starting with the search box.

Secondhand gifts don't bother Gen Z and millennials

Mercari4 – a peer-to-peer resale app – has found that 61% of people5 would be comfortable with receiving a used item as a gift – and that 49% of Gen Z and millennial consumers would happily give secondhand gifts. 

John Lagerling, Mercari U.S. CEO, noted that "Store-bought gifts can be predictable and generic since there's a limit to the variety provided at retail," and he might have a point. So, with the resale market predicted to reach US$51 billion6 in the next 5 years, showing your sustainable shopping credentials – whether you're in luxury, textilescars, or something smaller – could be crucial.

Don't be fooled by Black Friday

We've spoken before about the importance of trust – but it appears that not everyone's been listening, as just one in twenty7 Black Friday deals in the UK have been revealed to be genuine, according to research by the Which? consumer group8. Finding that 95% of items were either the same price or cheaper from the advertising retailer, it's a timely reminder that all that glisters is not necessarily gold, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Steve Whittingham
Steve Whittingham Discover content team

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