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This week's top 5 cultural insights and e-commerce trends: 23 August 2019

Business · 4 min read

AOB: 23 August 2019

This week we take a look at a musical marvel that's ready for a bigger stage, a greener solution for air travel, and the link between raw fish and eating insects. With all this and more, it's this week's AOB.

From six-string to four-piece – Boaz's new modular guitar

Another Kickstarter colossus, the Boaz One modular guitar is making all the right noises for plectrum pluckers everywhere. After smashing its (very modest) US$20,000 target, the guitar – which offers more than 50 variations – is a completely new innovation in the musical instrument scene, and one that could have repercussions for the headline brands. Instead of spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on multiple guitars, the Boaz One offers customers the chance to use its interchangeable, modular setup to change the look, feel, and sound, quickly and easily. Plus, with an integrated guitar stand and durable build, it could even be the perfect travel companion for budding rockstars.

Delivery from Sweden to Finland takes an average of 5.6 days (but not with DHL Express)

In news that we couldn't quite believe, Posti – the Finnish postal service – have discovered that for the 21% of Finns who do their online shopping in Swedish stores, delivery takes an average of more than five days. If you're looking to take your business global, whether that's across land, air or sea, DHL Express can help. And hopefully, international shipping is something we'll be able to do so in less than 5.6 days.

Start-ups power on with hydrogen fuel cells

Previously impractical for flying – due in no small part to the size of the fuel tank an aircraft would require – new advances in hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors mean plans to power planes are no longer up in the air. Alaka’i Technologies is aiming to test a five-seat multi-rotor aircraft, powered by hydrogen fuel cells, by the end of the year, while ZeroAvia says it has flown around ten test flights of a Piper Matrix retrofitted with a hydrogen fuel cell system. And, while the future of transport is something we've touched upon before, it's an ever-changing landscape that it could pay to keep an eye on.

Selling insects? Target sushi lovers

While it may come as no surprise that people who eat sushi are more likely to try eating edible insects, new research from the University of Pennsylvania has confirmed our suspicions. With alternative foods a hot – not to mention delicious – topic of discussion, knowing who to aim your new products at is no bad thing for SMEs. And hey, harnessing your adventurous spirit could be just the kick your business needs. So don't just eat your greens, eat your tiny animals, too.

Why angry shoppers are more decisive

Now, we're not suggesting that you get your potential customers riled up while they're on your e-commerce website – but if they already are when they get there, it could be good news for you. Michal Maimaran from the Kellogg School of Management has released new research that claims angry shoppers are more goal-oriented than calm ones – and that a little rage can lead to quicker decisions. Maimaran noted that "It is counterintuitive, but there could be situations where we make the right decision when we are angry”.

With that in mind, it's key that your customers – whatever mood they're in – can navigate your store quickly and easily, so you can cash in on their exasperation. Check out our 22 golden rules of e-commerce to make sure you're good to go.

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