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This week's top 5 cultural insights and e-commerce trends: 16 August 2019

Business · 4 min read

AOB: 16 Aug 2019

Back to bolster your business, it's this week's AOB. Read on to find out about the increasing popularity of subscription models, how Chipotle are making the most of TikTok, an update on autonomous air travel and celebrity styling for a fraction of the price.

Nura offers US$400 headphones for a (monthly) fraction of the price

Since their release in the middle of 2018, Nura have being doing something totally different in the headphone game – and now, that includes their payment options. The company's new NuraNow model allows music aficionados to pay for their high-end headphones in instalments. And, with no locked-in contract, send them back if they change their mind. We previously covered subscription marketing here on Discover, and it seems as though brands are paying attention, because it turns out Nura aren't the only ones to have had this idea...

Nike Adventure Club looks to a growing subscription market

Yep, the sportswear giant is in on the act as well, and they're starting small. Really small. Aiming to build customers for life, the Nike Adventure Club allows parents to order shoes for their kids ages two to ten, and to pay either US$20, US$30 or US$50 a month to gain access to new shoes quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly – in step with their child's growing feet. Having recently launched their Nike Fit digital measurement tool – to combat their assertion that 60% of people wear shoes that don't fit – it seems as though Nike are upping the pace on their competitors when it comes to innovation in sneakers; but will this encourage parents to 'Just Do It'?

Chipotle gets a taste for TikTok

Social media can be a brand's best friend – or worst nightmare when it goes wrong – but when it comes to customer engagement, it's the only place to go. So, when you can steal a march on the competition on an up-and-coming platform that's right in your target audience's sweet spot, it's definitely worth a try. Enter Chipotle, and the #ChipotleLidFlip. After a TikTok video post by employee Daniel Vasquez back in January, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to start the conversation with their fans. The six-day activity saw 230 million views across the hashtag, and inspired the next round – the #GuacDance challenge – which reached 430 million starts, and saw the chain use a massive 68% more avocado on National Avocado Day (yes, that's a thing). With numbers like that, we're licking our lips in anticipation of what's coming next...

Flying cars are like London buses – you wait ages for one, then two show up...

Following last week's AOB revelation about NEC Group's flying car, this week we bring you news of EHang's autonomous air shuttle service pilot to the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Aiming to prove that an entire network of airborne vehicles or passenger drones can operate in sync – with no problems, obviously – EHang and the Guangzhou government are stepping up the game in the vacant space just above the city floor.

Black by Privé Revaux offers high-end quality at low-end prices

Luxury goods are big business, but often come with a big price tag for shoppers – and sunglasses brand Privé Revaux are here to change that, with the launch of their BLACK by Privé Revaux eye-wear range. "Since inception, our goal has been to offer the absolute best quality product for the most amazing prices," David Schottenstein, Privé Revaux Founder, said of the launch,"...we've upped our game in both quality and value in fresh new styles to love, and I couldn't be prouder."

With celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson on board, the company looks set to go from strength to strength. Find out how influencer marketing can transform your business here where we will give you the inside info about making it a success.

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