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This week's top 5 cultural insights and e-commerce trends: 09 August 2019

Business · 4 min read

AOB: 09 August 2019

From toys and cars to gifts and cards, plus a sleeping sportswear giant waking up from its slumber, here are our five insights from the world of business this week.

Attracting customers? It’s child’s play for toy stores.

 With the closure of Toys R Us in 2018, a massive opportunity arose for independent toy stores – and now, they’re using the power of experience to go above and beyond for their customers. Branded, in-store experiences, such as LEGO-building areas or immersive, dedicated play areas for kids are helping retailers harness the potential of play, as well as providing a more informed shopping experience. For an insight into putting a new spin on a classic plaything, check out our interview with ForeverSpin.

Puma roaring again thanks to endorsements

Despite being just one sixth the size of Nike, underdogs (or should that be undercats) Puma reported a 16% increase in sales in the last quarter – coinciding with their new kit deal with Manchester City. With a new flagship New York store in a prime Fifth Avenue location, not to mention influencers including Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, and a whopping 78 Women’s World Cup stars on their roster, Puma are showing it’s not what you know, but who you know, that matters.

Japanese flying cars – we have lift off (briefly)

The future of transport is a topic of great excitement here at DHL, especially since last year’s launch of our parcelcopter – and NEC Group’s latest announcement was no exception…

Having been granted a permit for outdoor flights by the Japanese government, the company’s flying car was tested (without passengers) last week, with hopes that by the year of 2030 people will be riding in the machines around Tokyo, Osaka, and the rest of the country’s metropolises. While the vehicle only reached a height of ten meters, it shows that the tech is moving in the right direction, and for cities with a huge strain on their roads, that can only be a good thing.

Card and gift retailers are focusing on social

Selling on social media is big business, so it’s no surprise that in a survey of 300 retailers in the greetings card and giftware industry, social media marketing was the most popular channel of promotion. Building your brand online is all about trust – but in giftware and cards, it pays to make your packaging stand out too. Unsurprisingly, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the top three channels – with 86% of businesses using a Facebook page to promote themselves – but it shows that competition is likely to be stiff in these arenas.

Mobile commerce set to reach US$5.5 trillion by 2020

Research by Business Insider has confirmed that mobile is growing – and it’s never been more crucial to the future of your business. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Our handy guide, Mobile Commerce 101, will fill you in on everything you need to know about making a profit from what’s in people’s pockets. A slice of that US£5.5 trillion is yours, but how big will it be?

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