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This week’s top 5 cultural insights and e-commerce trends: 26 July 2019.

Business · 4 min read

AOB: 26 July 2019

From in-car indulgence to another record-breaking day for Amazon, we take a look at the need-to-know info for those in the e-commerce space.

Carrefour get up to speed with 30-minute delivery

Customers in France, Spain, Italy and Argentina can now get their groceries quicker than ever, thanks to a half-hour turnaround at selected Carrefour supermarkets. The result of a partnership with Spanish startup, Glovo, the move will take 2,500 carefully selected products from Carrefour's shelves to customers' kitchens in less time than it takes to complete a yoga class, making it ideal for time-poor shoppers with busy lifestyles.

Last mile delivery is rapidly adapting to ever-changing city lifestyles, and Paris, Seville, Valencia, Milan, Rome and Buenos Aires are about to become the beneficiaries of Carrefour's forward thinking. And where next? Who knows, but we're sure they're already planning it.

Uber partners with Cargo to make the most of travel time

From home delivery to shopping on the go, Uber's latest partnership aims to take advantage of the $200billion opportunity for in-car commerce. Strapping in with newcomers, Cargo, the ride-sharing giant is offering 10% off the cost of purchases back in Uber credits, as well as offering drivers the chance to earn extra income from the passengers in their back seats.

When personal productivity leaves less time than ever for people to get their lives in order, this could be the perfect solution. Time will tell, and we'll be sure to keep one eye on this one (if only for the Uber credits).

Want to know who the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Europe is? Czech below...

Puns aside, research from JP Morgan shows the Czech Republic has taken on the mantle of Europe's fastest-expanding e-commerce market, predicted to grow 16% between now and 2021. Followed closely by Italy (14%) and Spain (13.5%), the online retail outlook is rosy across the continent, with ten nations predicted to have double-digit growth.

It's no surprise that JP Morgan found mobile commerce to be behind the rapid rise, so if you're not set up for m-commerce, now is the time to get your site in order.

Gen Z are driving themselves in-store, by shopping online

A survey by automated locker provider, Package Concierge, has revealed that 58% of Gen Z shoppers like to buy online, pick up in store (or BOPIS, for short), while 60% of Gen Z customers surveyed said it played a big part in their decision to shop at a particular store.

Not only that, but this system is even driving in-store purchases among Gen Z. Online shoppers, according to the ETP Group, have a browsing to sale conversion rate of only 3%, but for in-store consumers the rate can jump to 60% – depending on the store, of course. Those numbers are nothing to be sniffed at; read our customer service insights to keep online sales ticking over which could lead to an increase in bricks and mortar traffic.

Another record-breaking Prime Day for Amazon

For the fifth year in a row, Amazon Prime Day 2019 knocked it out of the park. Shifting 175 million items across the two-day extravaganza, Monday saw the biggest number of sign-ups to the Prime service of any day in history – with Tuesday not far behind.

Simeon Hyman, global investment strategist at ProShares, said “Adobe Analytics reports large retailers (over $1 billion in annual revenue) saw online sales increase 64% compared to a typical Monday, and niche retailers (below $5 million in annual revenue) saw sales increase 30%, showcasing the halo effect of Prime Day for online retail”. With hundreds of other retailers jumping on the bandwagon, and even delaying releases to coincide with the event, it remains to be seen as to whether Black Friday or Cyber Monday (the previous record holders) can steal the crown this year. Start planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales here.

With the future of cyber sales looking rosier than ever, your online presence needs to be felt. So be sure to get in touch with a DHL Express expert to ensure you take advantage of the opportunity.

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