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This week's top 5 cultural insights and e-commerce trends: 26 April 2019.

Business · 4 min read

AOB: 26 April 2019

This week, AOB brings you the latest in personality-driven personal shopping, sustainable delivery services, brand identities consumers identify with and more. Read on to keep your business up to date with the most recent e-commerce trends.

Walmart box clever

A growing innovation within the fashion industry, and a saviour for busy parents, the recently-announced launch of KIDBOX – a kids’ clothing subscription box service that allows parents to order up to six times a year – is expected to be a big win for Walmart. Costing US$48 each, each KIDBOX will use personality tests – completed by the parents – to create bespoke packages filled with 4-5 personalised items, all hand-picked by stylists. With over 120 brands included in the roster, their plan is to reduce the need to visit single youth-focused stores, taking the pressure off ‘time-poor individuals’.

If this is the first you’ve heard about clothing subscription services, it certainly won’t be the last. Brands such as Foot Locker's Rocket of AwesomeRent The Runway Kids and Wear the Walk have also joined the same wave. And with the growing value of personalisation, businesses continue to find new ways to cater to millennial consumers who require on-demand services. For more tips on how to make your brand more personal, take a look at our article Thinking Inside the Box.

Sustainable deliveries

Last-mile delivery specialist Arcimoto has launched the newest addition to its range of ‘sustainable transportation systems’. The snappily-named Deliverator provides a high-speed, sustainable and cost-efficient service – a triple threat that has the potential to overtake the competition, thanks to its 100-mile range from a single charge.

With fast delivery no longer a premium option, but the expected standard, the race is on to find a cost-efficient solution. Read more on how electric vehicles could shape the future of last mile transportation.

Upstream offers natural refreshment

Clearly Drinks is adding a sparkle to the booming wellness movement, with their range of naturally-flavoured, low-calorie sparkling waters. Designed by Robot Food, they offer a healthy, yet tasty, alternative to soft drinks – and, with a reported 22% of Europeans acknowledging the fact that they need to reduce their sugar intake, the timing couldn’t be better.

With Instagram-worthy visuals that “serve as a window into another world” the distinctive U-shaped branding is designed to reflect the products’ positioning as the natural alternative to sugary drinks. With the health trend growing among Gen Y and Gen Z audiences, more and more brands are taking similar approaches – especially with their packaging. Read our tips on using packaging as a marketing opportunity here.

Mobile-first Brazilians lead the way in digital payments

It’s no secret that mobile commerce is growing – mobile sales increased by 55% in 2018, and are projected to reach US$4,574BN by 2023. In fact, a recent study by Visa has revealed that Brazilians are ahead of the game when it comes to digital payments. Spending habits in the m-commerce hotspot show that it represents not only 3% of the market, but 50% of all e-commerce transactions in Latin America.

Perhaps the most interesting result, however, is that Brazilian mobile customers spend up to 48 times longer shopping via apps than the international average. This shift to mobile is the result of the fact that 60 million Brazilians have no access to banking services, with the growth of digital-only banks such as NubankBanco Original and C6 – who offer seamless money management – helping fuel this paradigm shift. If you’d like to find out more about the rising importance of m-commerce, download our free guide to mobile commerce.

Conscious’ redesign brings eco-values to choc lovers

With Gen Z leading the charge in demanding higher ethical standards, the reality is that people are willing to pay more for sustainably-sourced products. So, it’s crucial that brands can effectively communicate their eco-credentials both verbally and visually.

Thanks to a redesign by The Space Creative, chocolate connoisseurs Conscious are using transparency as a tool to stand out from the heavily-processed crowd. By highlighting their ‘organic’, ‘raw’ and ‘handmade’ characteristics, they aim to target a demographic that’s looking for brands who share their values – especially when it comes to the environment. To read more about a brand that is not only transparent about its ethical values, but is also taking action through its 'one sold, one given' strategy, head to the Dark Peak story.

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