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This week's top 5 cultural insights and e-commerce trends: 29 March 2019

Business · 3 min read

AOB: 29 March 2019

This week, AOB takes a look at the latest trends in protein snacks, spring holiday sales and 3D-printed food. Read on to see what your brand needs to do to stay current.

3D printed sushi

Japanese company Open Meals has revealed their plans to open Sushi Singularity, a futuristic food experience, in Tokyo next year. After making a reservation, each diner will receive a health test kit to measure bodily samples and identify what nutrients they are lacking. This information will then be used to 3D print their customized meal. The company states that this “will enable hyper-personalization based on biometric and genomic data,” falling in line with wider trends seen in the beauty industry – offering skin-tone matching foundation, and fashion with made-to-order designs based on exact measurements.

Personalized 3D printing is starting to become commonplace across various businesses, and it's going to have a significant impact on supply chains and the last mile in delivery. Read our free white paper on how current innovations are shaping the future of business.

A seasonal spring in sales

Get ready to put all your eggs in one basket – younger consumers are hopping on the holiday trend this Easter more than ever before. The National Retail Federation found that those aged 18-34 are more likely to embrace Easter spending this year than the average shopper, and they’re also more inclined to do so on their smartphone – 74% of them, to be exact. With Americans poised to spend an average of US$151 each on gift items to mark the celebration – consistent across those who are religious and not – it’s worth considering offering seasonal items or even a holiday sale to cash in on the opportunity.

Be sure to look out for our upcoming article on mobile commerce to help you prepare your website for increased Easter interest.

Protein snacks for women

What comes to mind when you think of protein bars and shakes? Super-muscly men benching 100kg in the gym? Well, perhaps it’s time to change your thinking around protein-enhanced foods. With the #strongnotskinny movement flooding female Instagram and Twitter feeds, and a growing trend for clean eating across the board, women are catching on to the benefits of extra protein in their diets. And brands are taking note. Women’s lifestyle brand Tone It Up have created their Chocolate Protein Bites to appeal to women who want a healthier sweet snack on the go. The brownie bites add to their full range of plant-based protein powders, bars and cookies, which are also gluten free.

Read our article on how considering a female focus could benefit your business.

5G for manufacturers

5G has the potential to deliver speeds 100 times faster than 4G, and while the new superfast technology is only just being introduced to consumers, it’s already making a difference in manufacturing – particularly to the bottom line. Able to be easily implemented in factories big and small, 5G is driving up work pace by reducing communication lag time between machines, meaning it’s an offering you should start to consider when searching for a business manufacturing partner.

DHL Express are always striving for efficiency in our everyday logistics operations. Learn about the small changes your business can make to maximize consumer delivery efficiency here.

Majestic Wine migrates online

UK-based Majestic Wine this week announced plans to close some of their 200 stores in favor of focusing on their online division. Known as Naked Wines, their successful subscription service requires customers to make regular payments for own-brand and third-party products, delivered to their door. The company stated that 45% of its business now comes from online and 20% from international sales, meaning it seemed only natural to extend the Naked branding into their remaining offline stores.

Subscription models have grown incredibly popular in recent years, providing consumers with regular shipments of anything from dog food and vegan snacks to makeup samples and tea. Could the subscription business model work for you? Read our article to find out.

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