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9 February 2018


9 February 2018

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Elon Musk is breaking down barriers in outer space, while two German business giants are teaming up to make vision smarter. Here is our rundown of the five most exciting ideas coming out of the business world this week:


Heavy Lifting To The Stars:

Entrepreneur Elon Musk captured global headlines on Tuesday with the successful launch of his Falcon Heavy rocket. Capable of carrying 64 tons into orbit, it is twice as strong as the next most powerful rocket in the world. The payload for the test flight consisted of the SpaceX CEO’s old red convertible Tesla with a mannequin in the driver’s seat. The car and driver will now orbit the sun. On top of that, the SpaceX team was able to recover two of the boost stage rockets, which returned to earth in automated landings near the launch site in Florida. "That was epic," Musk told reporters after the launch. "That's probably the most exciting thing I've ever seen, literally."

A Fine Dining Record:

When it comes to high-end restaurants, no publication is as highly regarded as Michelin’s dining guide. Every year the French tire company reviews some of the world’s most elite eating establishments, with only a handful earning its coveted “three stars” rating. Solidifying its reputation as a mecca for fine dining, this year’s France guide lists 28 three-star restaurants - a record for any country. “It was a great year for gastronomy ... a huge win for Team France,” Michelin Guides director Michael Ellis said.

Tune-ups On The Fly:

On-demand car companies are practically ubiquitous these days, but what about services for the vehicles themselves? Silicon Valley startup Yoshi is trying to carve a niche for itself in the transportation world by offering on-demand automotive maintenance. For a small fee, users can order gas, have their oil changed or even request a wash, all through Yoshi’s app. Imagine leaving your car in the office parking lot in the morning and returning in the evening to a shiny ride with a full tank. The service is currently available in select US cities and has proven so popular, the big players want in. This week Yoshi announced General Motors and ExxonMobil had joined its latest round of funding, worth nearly $14 million. GM is reportedly even eyeing the potential of building Yoshi services directly into their vehicles.

A Smarter Look At The World:

Google Glass may have been a flop, but two German business giants are convinced their fresh approach to smart eye-wear can transform the industry. The plan? Leave it to the experts. Zeiss this week announced it was teaming up with Deutsche Telekom to create a “joint venture that will drive the development of Smart Glasses technology.” Zeiss aims to combine its expertise in eye-wear with Telekom’s connectivity capabilities. Zeiss said the new technology will be applicable to a variety of industries, from logistics to personal shopping and even surgery.

A Redesigned Classic Takes Flight:

Germany’s flag carrier Lufthansa got a new look this week when planes emblazoned with its redesigned logo took to the skies for the first time. Gone are the yellow and grey colors air travelers had grown accustomed too, replaced by a sleek combination of dark blue and white. The change marks the 100th anniversary of the famous first crane logo designed for what would eventually become Lufthansa, today Europe’s largest airline. “Lufthansa has changed and is more modern and successful than ever. From now on, this will also be visible to the public through a new design,” said CEO Carsten Spohr.

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