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5 January 2018


5 January 2018

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An Indian startup is trying to make a driverless vehicle for the everyman, while China is flexing its muscles in the business of world football.


Self-Driving For the Masses:

While Google and Tesla have been developing self-driving cars in the high-tech hub of Silicon Valley, one startup is focusing on the crowded streets of India. Flux Auto says the more chaotic and crowded the roads, the better data they can collect with their testing, which in turn means better algorithms. The company is aiming to develop self-driving kits for trucks, allowing older vehicles to become driverless. For now, they are focusing on partial autonomy - meaning once drivers navigate to the freeway, they can take their hands off the wheel. Flux is set to launch its pilot program next month in what will surely be a big step in delivering driverless vehicles to the masses

A Leg Up in the App Battle:

Apple is continuing its push to make it easier for developers to bring apps to its iOS mobile platform. The electronics giant this week announced it had acquired Canadian startup Buddybuild, which offers services that help app developers push their product through to completion. The Vancouver-based company said it was excited to be joining Apple “to build amazing developer tools for the entire iOS community.” Apple generates a lot of revenue off of apps, and integrating services that streamline their creation is key to getting a leg up in the competition with Google’s Android system.

Clean Meat Goes Mainstream:

Cutting meat out of your diet remains one of the top things a person can do to reduce their carbon footprint, but for some passionate carnivores, that is easier said than done. Fortunately, SuperMeat is working on a sustainable alternative. The Israeli firm produces lab-grown chicken meat by feeding cells the nutrients they need to grow muscle and fat. The cutting-edge approach is drawing attention, and this week the company announced it had snagged $3 million in funding. “We’re proud that SuperMeat is at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving clean meat industry,” said co-founder and CEO Ido Savir.

Soccer Powerhouses:

Fanfare, history and passion aside, professional football remains a business at the end of the day. According to the latest report from event organizer Soccerex, Manchester City are the most powerful force in the industry. The English side topped the Football Finance 100 list, with Soccerex saying they “have more financial muscle than any other club in world football.” The dominant English Premier League boasts five of the top 10 clubs, but the presence of Chinese team Guangzhou Evergrande at number 4 shows the growing influence China is having on the business side of the beautiful game.

Gaming Draws From the Cloud:

With powerful processors, cutting-edge graphics cards and fancy accessories, high-end PC gaming can get expensive. French company Blade has a solution - rent a powerful gaming rig from one of its data centers and access it from the cloud, for a monthly fee. The “Shadow” service, which is already available in select European countries, is now set to head stateside. Blade this week began taking pre-orders for new users in California, with its planned US expansion set to roll out on February 15. A one-year subscription will cost $34.95 per month. “A revolution is coming to the PC that will replace it with nothing - no hardware, no upkeep,” said president and co-founder Asher Kagan. “Shadow is the only computer you will ever need again.”

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