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Five Coolest Things in Business This Week: 20 July 2018

Business · 4 min read

5 Coolest things in business this week

A new app helps pair families in need with caregivers they can trust, while Aston Martin is building a luxury sports car for the skies. Here is our rundown of the five most exciting ideas coming out of the business world this week.

Care you can trust

When it comes to taking care of loved ones in need, finding reliable and skilled help can be difficult and expensive. A new US app called Kindly Care is trying make to the process a little less stressful by pairing patients with vetted caregivers. The service helps the two parties establish a wage, hours, tasks and even tax details. The far more seamless approach to in-home medical care has clearly filled a stateside market need - this week Kindly Care wrapped up $4.5 million in new funding. With a wide range of care options at their fingertips, people can feel comfortable that those they love most are looked after by professionals they can trust.

Africa’s peace flight

Ethiopia and Eritrea made history this week after launching the first commercial airline flight between the two countries in more than 20 years. The Addis Abbaba-Asmara journey is part of a peace process between the two countries after long border war. Aboard the flight were Ethiopia’s prime minister and relatives of families separated during the conflict, as well as potential investors. The warming of Ethiopia-Eritrea relations means renewed business ties beyond just commercial aviation (Ethiopian Airlines is the largest carrier in Africa and there is already demand for more flights). Ethiopia boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and is Africa’s second most-populous country. Opportunities are numerous - from transport and telecommunications to trade in particular, because landlocked Ethiopia will now have access to Eritrea’s ports. As Ethiopia’s information minister put it, now it’s time to “unleash the private sector.

The future of 3D

For most people, the wonders of 3D video have usually been limited to movie theaters and high-end TVs. Now an Israeli startup is working to apply the technology to a variety of fields. Mantis Vision develops 3D scanning devices for everything from smartphones to industrial grade machines. Investors like Samsung are clamoring to tap into the potential this kind of technology has beyond big screen entertainment - this week Mantis snagged $55 million in funding. The company plans to use the fresh injection of cash to expand operations within Israel, as well as launch a joint venture in China. With major mobile manufacturer partnerships already in place to develop facial scanning and 3D cameras, Mantis could be set to transform the way people use their smartphones.

Sports car for the skies

From flying taxis to supersonic airliners, most cutting-edge commercial aviation development these days tends to focus on mass transportation. But luxury carmaker Aston Martin is hoping to tap into a new market with its “sports car for the skies.” The company has joined forces with Rolls Royce to develop a three-seater, vertical takeoff, hybrid-powered autonomous “luxury concept aircraft,” which was unveiled at this week’s Farnborough Airshow in the UK. Aston Martin believes the future of urban transportation is in the skies, and it wants to hone in on the high-end early adopter market. “We have a unique chance to create a luxury concept aircraft that will represent the ultimate fusion of art and technology,” said company VP Marek Reichman.

Cutting out the food waste

Figuring out what to do with surplus food is a problem that has long plagued the restaurant industry. A Thailand-based startup is trying to fix that problem by helping eating establishments maximize their food inventories through sales during off hours. The Eatigo app helps restaurants promote discounts that in turn relieve the pressure to pack the house during peak dining times. The service is currently available in six countries, and offers deals at locations ranging from high-end hotels to street food. This week Eatigo announced a new round of funding that includes TripAdvisor, which shows just how much the world of mobile-based food finding has come to dominate the travel industry.

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