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You've got a great product and a DHL Express account. What else do you need? Play Video

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DHL x Magento: Seamless e-commerce integration

If you're serious about taking your brand global, it's wise to choose the right partners.

 Magento is a leading provider of cloud e-commerce innovations and is the ideal way to make the most of your e-commerce site. DHL have partnered with Magento to bring you a series of expert guides and key information to help you make the most of your e-commerce journey.

Magento is an  omnichannel solutions provider that helps you find and analyze unique experiences across every phase of the buying experience. It creates a uniquely tailored shopping experience for each and every customer. And best of all, it's DHL Express plugin means that an increasing number of online merchants are able to offer their customers a more tailored shopping experience, including real-time shipping quotes based on a customers' basket and shipping address. 

We're please to announce that DHL have teamed up with Magento to bring you a series of guides and advice to help you make the most of the opportunities on offer. Leendert van Delft from DHL explains more in the movie above and you can read Magento's B2B Buyer Experience Essential guide here.

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So, if you're an e-commerce brand looking to go global quickly and easily, or are simply looking to grow, Magento can help you make the most of your marketing. As a by-word for best practice in catalog and merchandise management, making your brand appear established and reliable very quickly, Magento is also full of innovative ideas that help your customers purchase quickly.  

They're a perfect fit with DHL - here on Discover, we'll be bringing more great advice from Magento in the coming months, so sign up to make sure you receive updates as they arrive.

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