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ForeverSpin: A Fresh Spin On Topping The Market

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ForeverSpin: A Fresh Spin On Topping The Market

The world’s most beautiful spinning tops. How a timeless technology became a revolutionary new company.



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ForeverSpin’s founder talks about the world’s most beautiful spinning tops and how a small business idea became one of Canada’s most successful new companies.


In just three years, Toronto-based ForeverSpin, producers of ultra high end, finely engineered spinning tops, has achieved global renown. With the help of DHL, they now ship to over 120 countries. By anyone’s measure of success, that’s a phenomenal feat.

Three years to buff and polish your product to a covetable shine. Three years to identify your audience and target them with laser-like precision. Three years to break through the geographical barriers and conquer international markets. Time that has been very well spent indeed for this new company.

And yet, a cursory glance at ForeverSpin’s website gives the impression that this powerhouse has been around for decades.  There’s a confidence in the imagery and emotive taglines – ‘a top is more than just a toy.’ There is the sense that ForeverSpin is a purveyor of timelessness, of elegance itself. Symmetry can be drawn between the fluidity of movement of these precious-metal tops and ForeverSpin’s inexorable, never-faltering business trajectory.

Which begs the question: just how are they doing it? To find out more, we caught up with Viktor Grabovsky, one of ForeverSpin’s three founders. Here he shares his thoughts on the pitfalls, planning and passion that led to the meteoric rise of one determined start-up.

"We launched a campaign for ForeverSpin on Kickstarter, it became incredibly successful – and really never looked back."

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

When an actor finally achieves stardom with a breakout role, all their bit parts, failed auditions and missed chances are erased by the blinding light of fame. It is as if they have been catapulted suddenly onto the public stage. As if the role that made them famous is to be considered their very first ever. The same can be said of companies.

People tend to focus on the success stories, the big dreams that turn big revenues – not the crumpled blueprints, the small business ideas that go nowhere. But in many ways, there is much to be learned from people’s failures and side-steps and how they use them as a transformative or driving force. ForeverSpin was not the trio’s first venture.

In 2013, they had planned to start an analytics company. “We had originally started with a few other projects,” Viktor explains. “We were just looking for different ways to obtain funding and found that some ideas worked better on Kickstarter than others. That’s how our flagship product was created. We launched a campaign for ForeverSpin on Kickstarter, it became incredibly successful, we’ve continued to evolve it – and really never looked back.”

And while there is a degree of luck involved in sparking the imagination of thousands, their approach was methodical. “We had a few criteria that were just fundamentally required by all of us,” Viktor says. “Something that’s incredibly simple and beautiful in its simplicity. Something of unmatched quality. And finally, something that’s nostalgic.” The spinning top ticked all of these boxes. But this also proves that your desired ingredients can eventually become a recipe for success – with the right idea.


Be passionate about your product

Viktor Grabovsky and his fellow founders may have tried out a few concepts before settling on the winning formula of ForeverSpin, but that is not to suggest that they are flippant about spinning tops. Quite the contrary. “All three of us played with the wooden spinning top as children,” says Viktor. “It’s what we remember as our first toy.”

However, he’s quick to dismiss any suggestion that the spinning tops are part of society’s current appetite for all things retro. Such a label, he contends, would make the spinning top seem trendy and fashionable – a fad that could disappear. Yes, there is a nostalgic element to spinning tops, but it is more the quality of yesteryear that is attracting consumers’ attention. “Items that were popular in the past were of high quality and high value but the global marketing platform wasn’t there to communicate the product to the world,” says Viktor. In essence, people miss craftsmanship.

And with a range of beautiful tops meticulously created from over 17 different metals, this is a niche that ForeverSpin can cater to perfectly. The tops are designed to look elegant and function precisely in what is perhaps the most perfect marriage of style and substance.

"Each Top is not a toy but a work of art."

Though Forever Spin can now identify a wide and varied audience (‘Engineers, kids, writers, designers, teachers, collectors’ the website reads), interestingly it was the product that came first. It is not necessary, then, to find your market before making your product. If you craft your new company with passion, everything falls into place. “Guided by our fundamental requirements we created ForeverSpin and found a very varied audience,” says Viktor. “There were a lot of individuals all over the world, all different demographics, different psychographics who were drawn to the fantastic quality of our spinning tops.”

ForeverSpin believes that the quality of their products is selling point enough. So much so, that each perfectly formed top is free from any branding or logo. “It’s something that we felt would be significantly better to keep off our spinning tops,” Viktor explains. “They’re as simple as can be and there’s beauty in that. Each top is not just a toy but a work of art.”

When you get consumers hooked on something so fundamental – and yet so rare – as quality, new avenues begin to open up. ForeverSpin offers a bespoke service to their customers and has even catered to the whims of some Fortune 500 companies.

Never underestimate the importance of organization

Setting up a business requires hard graft, a plan, efficiency, and organization. “We didn’t forecast the success that we were going to have with Kickstarter,” Viktor recalls. “We didn’t know that our project would go viral and there would be as much demand as there was for our spinning tops. And so, we hadn’t made the necessary preparations – materials hadn’t been ordered and contracts became backed up.” It’s important, Viktor believes, to think a few moves ahead in business. To explore all contingency plans. Remember to prepare for success and brace for failure.

Choose your team wisely

It’s essential to surround yourself with the right people to help transform your home business into an international company. “Right now, we have a team of 12 individuals,” Viktor outlines. “It’s been specifically designed that way so we can keep our team lean, keep it effective, keep it really efficient in everything that we do.”

Viktor and his fellow founders are keen that everyone, from in-house staff to suppliers and partners share in their basic principles. “That allows us to maintain quality in our customer service, our shipping, our logistics, everything,” he goes on. “And today the entire world is being differentiated by quality over price.” We couldn’t agree more.

"Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business."

Warren Buffett

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2018 © DHL. All rights reserved.